Classy Dances



Jerry Lewis in

1954 Film,


East Coast Swing

The East Coast Swing evolved from the Jitterbug of the Foties.  Such dances as the East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Shag - depending on where you lived - developed versions that could be learned in dance halls.  The Swing is a fast, fun, partner dance that is very open to the dancers' interpretation and steps.  Constantly revolving with turns and patterns and high energy. 



      Ballroom Tango is danced in a tight, rigid ballroom hold requiring aggression and sensuality.  The steps are easy to learn, but feel and mood are the essential factors.  The Tango is a walking dance where the feet are lifted and placed deliberately to a staccato rhythm. 

Basic Count:  slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.



      The Cha-Cha became very popular in the early 1950s as it was easier to dance than it's predecessor, the Mambo.  It quickly established itself in the European and American dance scenes.   It is performed in open hold, on the spot, moving only slightly with small steps and swaying Cuban motion.

     The Cha-cha is a fun party-time dance with a cheeky, flirtatious mood. 


Basic Count:  1,2,3,4 and


The Latin Dance  of Love, originating in Cuba it is widely thought, with the rhythms of the Caribbean in the 16th century.  The steps of the Rumba present quite a challenge  to the  novice dancer,  but once mastered this romantic and sultry dance is entrancing to watch and perform.

     As with many Latin dances the steps repeat two or three times on opposite sides.

Basic Count:  Slow, quick, quick.


     The Foxtrot  has its roots in vaudeville in California beginning as Harry Fox's 'Fox's Trot''.    The Foxtrot is a very versatile dance that can be performed to a variety of musical styles and tempos.  The combined mixture of slow and quick steps together with its style and grace allows for greater variety than any other ballroom dance.

     The social Foxtrot is ideal for beginners and one of the easiest to learn.

Basic Count:  Slow, slow, quick, quick.

Always remember...

You will live

   You will love

                You will dance again

                                           Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,

                                           For I would ride with you upon the wind,

                                           Run on top of the disheveled tide,

                                           And DANCE upon the mountain like a flame.

                                                      W.B. Yeats


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